JZ-2402 雙面門線切割、打孔機



1) Using upper and lower double saw blades not only can effectively prevent the breaking phenomenon during the sawing process, but also ensure the sawing quality for different types of lines.
2) After sawing ,then entering the drilling positioning hole, which is controlled by servo motor. The number of drilling holes and drilling positioning can be set according to needs to ensure the precise docking of the two door lines during installation.


◎Power source : 380V/50Hz/3HP+N
◎Panel length: 2400mm
◎Panel width: 200mm
◎Cutting motor power: 4*2.2KW
◎Drilling motor power: 2*2.2KW
◎Control servo motor power: 3*1.5KW   2*0.75KW
◎Total power: 19.2KW
◎Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

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